Teaching Kids About Germs

When children attend school, they receive more than an education. In addition to discovering novel ideas, exploring fresh topics, learning new skills, and making friends, kids also encounter germs. If you don’t want to spend the school year dealing with colds, the flu, and other ailments, be sure that teaching kids about germs is part of your family’s curriculum.

Why Children Need to Know About Germs

When a survey commissioned by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare asked some 500 school nurses what the easiest place for children to come into contact with germs was, nearly 60 percent chose the classrooms where children spend the bulk of their school day. Although classrooms topped the list, they weren’t the only danger zones reported. Bathrooms, school buses, handrails in hallways, and cafeterias were also cited as spaces where children were likely to bump into germs.

Germs make people sick, and even young children know that feeling ill is no fun. Educating children about germs and teaching them how to stop the spread of these nasty microbes allows them to take an active role in protecting their own health. Plus, the child isn’t the only one who will benefit. Caring for a sick child is often difficult for busy parents, and it’s always unpleasant when an illness brought home from school infects the entire family. Teaching kids about germs can help protect the health of your entire household.

Tips for Teaching Kids About Germs

Teaching children about germs can be tricky. Although most children can understand that germs are things that can make them sick, recognizing where germs might be present is difficult. They’re invisible to the human eye, after all. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help your child visualize germs, how they spread, and how proper hygiene keeps them away.

Picture This

Examining a picture of germs can make them seem more real. While your child can’t spot one of these microbes with their naked eye, there are ways that you can help them visualize what they look like. You could read picture books about germs or download coloring sheets like these whimsical ones from If you prefer to keep this activity a little more realistic or have a child who is intrigued by science, then you could visit a few of the countless websites that present pictures of germs taken through a microscope.

A Glittering Trail

Now that your child has an idea of what germs look like, you’ll need to demonstrate how easily they can spread. Glitter is the perfect tool for a hands-on lesson. Explain to your child that you’re going to pretend that the bits of glitter are germs. Sprinkle a little in your child’s hand. Then, have them shake your hand. Show them the way the glitter has spread to your hand and explain that germs are also spread by touching. Hand your child different items so that they can see the way the glitter transfers from item to item. Watching how quickly the glitter moves around the house may help your child understand how easily germs can be spread.

Soap and Pepper

Simply washing your hands with soap is one of the best ways to halt the spread of germs. If you want to help your child remember that soap can send germs down the drain, grab a bowl of water, some black pepper, and a little liquid soap. Tell your child that the pepper represents germs, and sprinkle some in the bowl; it will float on the surface. Next, add a drop of liquid soap into the middle of the bowl and watch the tiny black specks scatter. This simple demonstration may help your child remember that using soap when washing your hands can help chase germs away.


Teaching kids about germs is a vital part of keeping your family healthy, but education isn’t the only weapon that you have in the fight against germs. Quality hand sanitizers like the SafeSpace Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer can eliminate germs by disinfecting the skin. In fact, many teachers ask for donations of hand sanitizers to help keep students in their classrooms healthy. Disinfectant foggers are another useful tool in the battle against germs. The SafeSpace Disinfectant Germ Fogger contains a hospital-grade contact disinfectant that can vanquish up to 99 percent of germs. Using this product is a fantastic way to banish any germs that followed your child home from school before they have a chance to make your family sick.

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