Superbugs Are Back

According to a new CDC study, one if four senior patients leave the hospital with a superbug on their hands.These superbugs, also known as multi-drug resistant organisms, can cause potentially dangerous health situations because they cannot be treated with commonly used antibiotics.

“New data show that far too many patients are getting infected with dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria in healthcare settings,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said. “Doctors and healthcare facilities have the power to protect patients, no one should get sick while trying to get well.”

Healthcare facilities are faced with finding new ways to educate patients about proper hand washing hygiene and developing new cleaning methods for their facilities. One new and innovative method could include finishing off a normal cleaning routine with a SafeSpace Germ Fogger. Not only does the fogger kill 99% of surface germs including superbugs, the disinfectant fog reaches into areas that may have been missed during a normal cleaning process.

Ensure that your patients leave healthier than they arrived, and that your facility is doing their part to fight back against superbugs with the SafeSpace Germ Fogger. Why not make your home or car safer with SafeSpace products. Go to for more innovative disinfecting products.