Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home or Business

According to the Washington Post, the idea of spring cleaning started during the 1800s when homes were “lit with whale oil or kerosene and heated with wood or coal” during the winter. Those long months spent indoors left a layer of soot and grime in every room. Come spring, women would open doors and windows, take bedding and rugs outside for dusting, and scrub floors and counters until they were spotless. Despite the invention of electricity and central heat, we still continue this age-old tradition every spring. With warmer weather and longer days, the season gives homeowners and offices an opportunity to air out, clean, reorganize, and disinfect after a long winter of being trapped indoors. Are you ready? Read our spring cleaning tips for help.

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Whether you’re invigorated by the thought of thoroughly cleaning your home or you dread the chore, you can’t deny the benefits. Our spring cleaning tips can help you, your family, and your coworkers in a variety of ways.

Improve Your Mood and Productivity

Did you know that organizing and cleaning up your space could alleviate anxiety, make you more productive, and boost your mood? So if you’re feeling uninspired or slothful, try scrubbing down and straightening up your space. Our spring cleaning tips will help you get started.

Extend the Life of Your Appliances

You know that regular car maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, but did you know that cleaning your household and office appliances could also help extend their lives? Dust and grime buildup can wear your products down fast. Annual cleaning acts as preventative maintenance for these commonly used items. Be sure to deep-clean the surfaces you often forget about, like the inside of your dishwasher, dryer, oven, and office keyboard.

Eliminate Accumulated Bacteria and Germs

Throughout the winter, you, your children, and your coworkers are cooped up indoors. By keeping household germs at bay, you can prevent colds, the flu, and other infectious illnesses from spreading (source). The best time to eliminate bacteria and germs is in the spring, after months of dust and germ accumulation. Make sure to deep clean high-traffic areas and disinfect all working surfaces.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Summer is right around the corner. Before the temperature skyrockets and your calendar fills up, clean and disinfect your home or office with our five spring cleaning tips.

  1. Clean your cleaners. If it’s been a while since you gave them a scrub, you need to clean your vacuum, microfiber cloths, broom, mop, and other cleaning products before and after spring cleaning. This will help you more effectively clean your home or office and ensure that you don’t spread around old germs and bacteria.
  2. Know which surfaces harbor bacteria best in your home. According to WebMD, one study found that “the kitchen sink had more bacteria than the toilet or garbage can.” As for the bathroom, your toothbrush holder actually harbors more bacteria than any other surface. Knowing where bacteria thrive can help you effectively clean and disinfect the spaces in your life.
  3. Know which surfaces harbor bacteria best in the office. In the office, break-room appliances and desktops harbor the most germs. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, “There’s 400 times more bacteria on an office desktop than a toilet seat.” Take some time this spring to clean these items and remember that wiping down surfaces isn’t enough – you also need to disinfect them. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a product like SafeSpace Disinfectant Germ Fogger after cleaning. It can kill 99% of the germs responsible for colds and the flu, so you can prevent illnesses from spreading around the office.
  4. Don’t forget about upholstery. Some pieces of furniture are used daily, like your couch and your mattress. Don’t forget them in the swing of spring cleaning. You can use your vacuum’s upholstery and crevice tools to clean the sides of the upholstery and remove any hair. Then, use a disinfectant and deodorizing mist to remove germs and odors from the fabric. For example, the SafeSpace Auto Odor & Germ Eliminator is a metered spray that can be used on car upholstery or on fabric inside your home. It is an ultra-fine mist that will not leave any stains or residue or damage your fabric. It kills 99% of germs and also removes unpleasant odors such as pet, smoke, musty, and food smells.
  5. Clean your vehicles too. Just like your home, your vehicle needs a thorough spring cleaning as well. You use your vehicle almost every day and it transports germs from everywhere you have traveled. Using products like the SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator on high-traffic surfaces in your car, such as floorboards, the headliner, upholstery, cup holders, steering wheel, and door handles will help eliminate the spread of germs. Also, after the long winter months, don’t forget to disinfect your car’s ventilation system. Spraying the SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator into each vent for 3-5 seconds will eliminate germs that may have been growing in the plenums of your car all winter long. Finally, keep a hand sanitizer like SafeSpace Instant Hand Sanitizer in your glove compartment for a convenient alternative to hand washing if you are unable to stop and wash your hands normally.

Disinfect Like a Pro

This year, think of your spring cleaning chores as a chance to start fresh. If you’re looking for EPA-approved disinfecting products and non-alcohol hand sanitizers, look no further than SafeSpace Company. For more information, check out our product line, and give us a call at 1-800-735-2506, or contact us online to place your order.