School Germ Facts

Did you know that the average American child in school will get 6 to 10 colds per year according to WebMD. Take a wild guess where those germs end up when your child comes home?

School Germ Facts

How Germs Are Spread

Surprisingly the “germiest” places in a typical school aren’t the toilet seats says WebMD. Actually, water fountains and plastic cafeteria serving trays have more germs per square inch.

Backpacks and shoes are another way germs are spread. Does your child put their backpack on the table or kitchen counter when they get home or do homework? Do they kick their germy shoes off in the living room? “Honey, I’m home,” say the germs!

The Proper Hand Washing Technique

Does your child actually know proper hand washing technique? The US Center for Disease Control recommends that hands be washed in warm water using germicidal soap multiple times per day. If hand washing is not practical, the regular use of an effective hand sanitizer is recommended.

Germ Etiquette

Teach your family good “Germ Etiquette.” Avoid other people who are coughing or sneezing whenever possible. Use tissues for blowing the nose and throw it away, do not reuse. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow versus into your hands. Don’t share things such as pencils/pens, lip balm, cell phones, combs/brushes, etc.

School Donations

Donate cleaning supplies to your child’s school/class. Schools usually have limited operating budgets and monies for classroom cleaning supplies are usually under budgeted. Check with your child’s school’s office and see what products they allow to be donated and used in the school/classroom.