Preventing Cold & Flu Outbreaks in Schools

As cold and flu outbreaks persist throughout our school systems it is important to have a proper cleaning regime to protect students and their families from contracting these harmful viruses. 

Preventing Cold & Flu Outbreaks in Schools

Wiping down desks, keyboards and doorknobs is a great start to getting rid of harmful germs in schools, but not the most efficient or effective way. The SafeSpace Disinfectant and Deodorizing Fogger can be used to quickly and easily disinfect a room from top to bottom, killing 99% of germs. The fogger not only disinfects surfaces like desks and floors, but penetrates hard to reach areas that can often times be missed. The fogger allows a room to be completely disinfected, without missing any spaces simply with the push of a button.

Oftentimes the brick and mortar school is the only place disinfection occurs. It is important to not only disinfect schools but also school buses. Adding this space to the cleaning regime can help break the sickness cycle and prevent transmission from students to family members and so on. The SafeSpace D&D Fogger can easily disinfect high traffic areas in buses including seats, floor boards and windows that can become contaminated with the cold and flu virus.

Implementing a consistent and powerful disinfection routine in schools and school buses is essential to decreasing the large outbreaks which occur annually in our school systems. Using the SafeSpace D&D Fogger in addition to a normal cleaning routine can not only save time but also help keep students in school instead of home sick.