How to Shop for New and Used Cars

A study conducted by researchers at Queen Mary University in London found that there were some 60 kinds of bacteria lurking in the average public toilet. While that’s disturbing, it isn’t unexpected – after all, public restrooms are notoriously germy locales. But what about the interior of a car? Surprisingly, car interiors actually fared far worse than public toilets under the microscopes of curious scientists. When researchers looked, they found an average of 700 different types of bacteria thriving inside cars. Clearly, if you are intending to replace your vehicle, you’ll want to put some serious thought into how to shop for new and used cars without exposing yourself unnecessarily to germs and other menacing micro-organisms.

How to Shop for New and Used Cars

When shopping for a new or new-to-you vehicle, most people focus on factors like mileage, options, or price, but before you climb eagerly into the driver’s seat for a test drive, it’s worth taking a minute to consider the possible presence of germs. Viruses, allergens, bacteria, fungi, and other unpleasantries can linger unseen on a wide range of surfaces, and encountering them can put you at risk of contracting everything from the common cold to an antibiotic-resistant infection. To protect yourself, be smart. When heading out to shop for new and used cars, take some basic precautions.

Ask Dealerships About Their Vehicle Sanitizing Practices

Do car dealers clean and/or sanitize a vehicle before putting it on the lot? How often do they repeat the process while a car is for sale? Is the vehicle cleaned between customers, at the end of the day, or when it is sold – if at all?

It’s a dirty fact, but there are some dealers who never sanitize or disinfectant vehicles at all. Instead, they simply spritz vehicles on their lots with fresheners to make them seem clean. Others rely on popular auto interior sprays that are made outside the USA where things like chemical safety, quality ingredients, and content labeling are not priorities. So before embarking on a test drive, you might ask the salesperson how the dealership handles the challenge of sanitizing and deodorizing its vehicle inventory to protect customers. And when getting into a vehicle for a test drive, look around for any indicators that the interior has been sanitized or disinfected.

Always Auto Shop with Hand Sanitizer

While a car dealership’s sanitizing practices may be out of your control, there is something you can do to help protect yourself from any germs that you encounter while shopping for a vehicle: Bring a high-quality hand sanitizer along for the ride whenever you’re shopping. Pocket-sized products like SafeSpace Instant Hand Sanitizer make it convenient to carry this germ-fighting tool, and using hand sanitizer after you’ve explored the inside of a prospective purchase or taken a test drive can eliminate many germs that you may have picked up along the way before they get the chance to make you sick. If you’re wondering how to shop for new and used cars, take advantage of this simple tip to stay healthy.

Beware of Cover-Up Scents

To address foul and odious scents, some dealerships will use air fresheners that just mask the smells in the vehicle. Getting into a vehicle that smells like a fruit stand, your favorite donut, or a tropical cocktail should be your first hint of the cleanliness of the vehicle. Most of the products dealers use are not actually germ-killing disinfectants; they are cover-up aerosol scents that temporarily mask vehicle odors. Instead of an air freshener, dealers should use an American-made, EPA-approved, odor-eliminating disinfectant or sanitizer. By actually killing the germs and bacteria that can emit foul-smelling gases, the vehicle will smell clean and not artificially scented. So if you’re wondering how to shop for new and used cars, consider asking the salesperson how the cars are cleaned and how any smells are addressed.

Prevent Germs from Hitching a Ride in Your New Ride

Where do germs lurk in vehicles? Surfaces that are frequently touched like the steering wheel, gearshift, and radio controls are popular hangouts. Any place where food or beverages might have spilled is also likely to harbor germs. Oddly enough, the dashboard is also a common breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

The vehicle’s air circulation system provides a convenient method of travel for these microscopic troublemakers. Many modern vehicles are equipped with replaceable HEPPA filters that do filter fresh air taken in by the exterior vents, but many DO NOT filter the air that comes through doors and windows and the germs tracked in on shoes. Most A/C and heater systems draw their air from inside the vehicle’s interior and that air-intake vent is often just above the driver’s foot pedals. That means that any germs on the driver’s shoes are often drawn directly into the A/C or heating system and blown out the dash vents into the car interior.

Frankly, germs can flourish throughout a vehicle’s interior, so whether the car you’ve purchased is new or used, it’s a good idea to start fresh by cleaning and sanitizing it yourself.

When you want to prevent germs from hitching a ride in a vehicle, SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator is a smart choice to consider. This disinfecting and deodorizing mist is an American-made product that is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and specifically designed for use in automobiles. It’s tough on germs but will not spot or stain surfaces, and treatment is quick and easy. You simply need to shake the can and spritz each vent and various high-risk surfaces like the steering wheel, console, door handles, and floor mats before closing the car up for 20 minutes while the potent disinfectant eliminates germs and erases unpleasant odors.

Each can of SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator provides 30 or more sanitizing treatments, so a single can will keep your vehicle clean and fresh for quite a while. Of course, consumers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator’s effectiveness, affordability, and ease of use. It’s also a great choice for car dealerships that want to keep the vehicles on their lots clean and appealing. To learn more about this product and how to shop for new and used cars, stop by today.