How to Eliminate Pet Odors

For many Americans, pets are part of the family. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, pets reside in some 84.6 million households. That means nearly 70 percent of American households include one or more pets. While pets can enrich the lives of their owners in countless tangible and intangible ways, pet ownership does present certain challenges. Dealing with unpleasant pet odors is one common struggle. If you’re wondering how to eliminate pet odors in your home, check out our helpful tips below.

How to Eliminate Pet Odors

Even the most enthusiastic pet owners will likely find their noses wrinkling with distaste when they encounter some of the unpleasant aromas that can pop up when pets are present. Fortunately, whether it is the distinctive stink of wet dog, the disagreeable aroma of a litter box, or the persistently obnoxious stench of pet accidents, there are effective ways to clear the air of malodorous pet odors.

Dealing with the Wet Dog Dilemma

Have you ever wondered why wet dogs smell so bad? When The Washington Post investigated, it found that the stench is the result of microscopic bits of bacteria and yeast hiding in the dog’s fur. When dry, these tiny culprits go unnoticed, but water breaks down chemical barriers, sending at least some of these potent molecules into the air to torment the nose of any human unfortunate enough to be nearby. Ironically, the trick to reducing the pungency of wet dog smell involves getting your dog wet more often. That’s because regular bathing can decrease the number of bacteria in your pet’s coat and the odor that they give off. Use an appropriate shampoo to bathe your canine companion about once a month. Bathing your dog too frequently can cause dry, irritated skin.

Eradicating Litter Box Stink

An untended litter box can result in an overpowering smell of ammonia, a pungent component found in urine. As the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry points out, exposure to a strong smell of ammonia can irritate the eyes and the respiratory track, leaving you battling watering eyes and coughing fits. Thankfully, humans can generally detect the smell of ammonia long before it reaches the level of becoming a health hazard, so protecting your health is as easy as dealing with a smelly litter box without delay. To eradicate litter box stink, scrub the empty container with either bleach water or a mix of vinegar and water. Once it is dry, put in a mixture of quality cat litter and baking soda. Then, clean the box regularly. Clumping litters can make it easy to remove waste quickly, so it’s easier to keep the litter box clean and fresh.

Erasing the Aroma of Accidents

Accidents happen, and pet accidents can present a specific challenge because if they are not dealt with properly, they can result in a persistent odor that lingers long after the mess is gone. Whether you have a young pet that is not quite housebroken, a senior pet struggling with health issues, or a healthy pet that simply got caught short, you will need to act quickly if you discover urine or feces on your carpet or upholstery. Enzyme cleaners are often your best bet. As hunker explains, enzymes are proteins that speed chemical reactions. When used in cleaners, they attack the molecules in the stain, breaking them down so that they can be removed. This is an effective way to clear away both the visible stain and the accompanying odor.

Clearing the Air

While tackling specific sources of pet odors is important, it’s always nice to clear the air. While you could settle for candles or air fresheners that cloak any hint of an unpleasant aroma by covering them with another scent, reaching for a deodorizing product that reduces both the bad smells and the bacteria and germs that cause them is a better alternative. You want to learn how to eliminate pet odors, after all, not just mask them. Using a deodorizing fogger with a built-in disinfectant can freshen the atmosphere in your home and scrub away troublesome microbes so that your entire family can breathe easier in a healthier space.

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