How to Disinfect a Home

Even if you keep your home and belongings tidy, household germs can find their way into every nook and cranny of your living space. In order to help keep your family and guests healthy, it is important to learn how to properly disinfect your home. Below are some tips and tricks to help you reduce the number of germs in your home.

How to Disinfect a Home

Know What You Need

If you want to disinfect your home properly be sure to stock up on the correct supplies that are proven to reduce the number of germs in your space. Look specifically for the word “disinfectant” or “disinfecting” on the label of the product to ensure it meets your specific needs. In addition, look for an EPA number on the product packaging or website. This ensures that the product has been tested and is proven safe to use.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

When learning how to disinfect a home, keep in mind that high-traffic spaces have more germs than others. For example hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, living room etc. In addition, frequently touched surfaces like door handles, sink faucets, light switches, and shared electronics (like phones, remote controls, and kitchen appliances) need constant disinfecting. Tackle these heavy-traffic areas first and most often. Disinfecting an entire room from top to bottom requires a lot of time and energy, so prioritize the work if you’re short on time.

Focus on High Traffic Items in Your Home

It’s easy to only clean the high-traffic areas of our home and think it is toughly disinfected. But we often overlook certain items in our house that actually need disinfecting as much or more as your high-traffic areas. Some examples include your trash can, laundry baskets, coffee maker, washing machine and kitchen appliances. These items should not be neglected, and would benefit from being included in your normal cleaning routine.

Use a Disinfecting Fogger

If you want to disinfect a room effectively try a disinfecting fogger. This handy product is a fantastic way to finish your normal cleaning routine. It’s great for disinfecting those hard-to-reach spots or areas you may have accidentally missed. Simply set the fogger on a large sheet of newspaper in the room you want to disinfect. Be certain no one in the house (including pets) is in the room first. Then activate the product and come back to a freshly smelling space after 1-2 hours. The fogger leaves no residue, and there’s no wiping or cleanup involved after the treatment. Simply throw away the empty can and newspaper and enjoy your freshly disinfected space.


By eliminating germs in your home and learning how to disinfect a home properly, you can keep your space clean and protect your family from harmful viruses and bacteria.

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