How to Deodorize a Room

Your home stinks. That’s not an insult – it’s a fact. If every room in your house smelled fresh and clean, why would you have clicked on this article? Perhaps you’ve moved into a home recently vacated by a smoker or a Cat Lady. Whatever the case, we are here to help. Check out our tips below to learn how to deodorize a room.

How to Deodorize a Room

Whether your home smells of wet dog, decades of cigarettes, or a perplexing new odor, we won’t judge. Every house stinks at one time or another. But why live with an unpleasant, embarrassing odor? If you’re wondering how to deodorize a room, use the following tips and tricks for help.

Shower your carpet with baking soda.

Carpet fibers can suck in odors over time. Some odors have specific sources, such as pets or cigarette smoke, while others are more general, arising from heavy traffic in particular areas. To eliminate these odors, sprinkle baking soda liberally on the carpet. The baking soda will suck up the odors over the course of a few hours. When you think the powder has had enough time to do its magic, simply vacuum it up.

Feed your garbage disposal oranges and ice.

Tiny bits of food can become stuck in your garbage disposal, creating a stinky scent that lingers long after you finish your meal. To get rid of the odor, turn on the water and drop sliced citrus peels down. You could use oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, clementines, tangerines, or even tangelos. Run the garbage disposal to grind up the peels and leave a refreshing scent behind. You can also run ice cubes down the garbage disposal. When the disposal grinds them up, they will knock off built-up debris and then simply melt away.

Spritz musty clothes with vodka. Straight up!

Clothes can develop a musty, stale scent after sitting in a closet for years. Believe it or not, you can eliminate this odor by spritzing the clothes with a small amount of plain vodka. Conduct a spot-test first to ensure the alcohol won’t affect the fabric, and let the clothes dry in fresh air. The vodka will kill the bacteria, and the scent will disappear.

Slice a fresh onion to banish odors.

Though it may sound strange, a freshly sliced onion can absorb odors. For example, you could place a sliced onion in a dank basement, a musty bathroom, or even a freshly painted room. Leave the onion in the room overnight. Although it will obviously smell like an onion at the start, the vegetable will absorb surrounding odors and lose its own smell. When you remove it the next day, the air should be fresh and odor-free.

Try the SafeSpace® Germ Fogger.

Although all of the household tricks we listed above can help with irritating odors, they’re often too weak to compete with significant smells. If you want to tackle the root of the problem by killing the bacteria creating the odor, try the SafeSpace® Germ Fogger.

Unlike many commercial deodorizers and air fresheners, the SafeSpace® Germ Fogger doesn’t simply mask odors; it eliminates them entirely. It can successfully eradicate stubborn odors from a variety of sources, including pets, smoke, food, dead animals, and must.

To use the product, follow the directions on the can carefully. Remove all people and pets from the area, put away exposed food, shake the can well, and remove the safety cap. Place the can on newspaper in the center of the room, preferably on an elevated surface. Press and lock the total release valve lever, and then leave the room (closing the door behind you) so that the fogger can do its thing. Allow the deodorizer to work its magic for at least one hour, though you’ll have better results eliminating stubborn odors if you can leave the room closed off for longer.

After the treatment, your room will have a freshly cleaned scent. With consistent usage, the fogger will help prevent mold and mildew as well. Plus, it kills many common viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are responsible for unpleasant and even lethal conditions.

To purchase the Germ Fogger today, please visit the SafeSpace® website. And if you have any questions, please email us at