How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

It’s finally summertime, the season most families choose to get away from it all. You deserve a memorable vacation free of colds, the flu, and other illnesses. So as you prepare to sit in close proximity to strangers on flights, come into contact with germs in rental cars, and potentially carry bacteria to and from your cruise ship cabin, we encourage you to take some extra precautions. Who wants to become ill while on vacation? To protect yourself and your family, check out our tips to learn how to avoid getting sick while traveling.

How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

By Plane

In a study published by the Journal of Environmental Health Research, experts found that “aircraft passengers do indeed develop colds with a higher than normal frequency in the week following their flights.” So how can you avoid getting sick when traveling by plane?

Keep Your Hands Clean

Airplanes are germ-ridden and cleaned far less frequently than you might imagine. During the short period of disembarking and boarding, there simply isn’t time for proper deep cleaning. Try to keep your hands clean and away from your face until you’ve had a chance to wash up properly post-flight. Avoiding touching surfaces within the airplane and airport, and wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom. Although we encourage you to check out the emergency information pamphlet, avoid rummaging through the seatback pocket. Finally, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy, like our SafeSpace Instant Hand Sanitizer, so that you can disinfect as needed. Since the travel-size container is only 2 oz. (less than the 3.4 oz. maximum allowed by the TSA), you can pack it in your carry-on luggage without worry.

Stay Hydrated

This tip applies throughout your entire vacation, but it is especially important when you’re traveling 30,000 feet in the air. At this height, you encounter low levels of humidity. Your body’s natural defense system, mucus in the nose and throat, dries up without humidity. This creates a more tolerant environment for germs (source). So drink plenty of bottled water, and limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol, as both can cause dehydration. “You can also keep your eyes and nasal passages moist with saline eye drops and saline nasal spray,” suggests WebMD.

In a Rental Car

Disinfect Before You Hit the Road

In order to get rental cars back on the road faster, some companies do a once-over rather than a deep clean. For this reason, it’s important to learn how to avoid getting sick while traveling in a rented vehicle. Commonly used surfaces like the steering wheel, floorboards, upholstery, cup holders, and door handles can harbor germs from the car’s previous renters. Using products like the SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator on these high-traffic surfaces can help you avoid getting sick when you hit the road. For a deeper clean, we also recommend disinfecting your rental car’s ventilation system. Spray the SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator into each vent for 3-5 seconds. This will eliminate any germs that have been growing in the plenums of the car.

In a Hotel Room or Cruise Ship Cabin

While on vacation, don’t forget that you’re sleeping in a small room that dozens of strangers have previously called home. Take your vitamins for a small immune boost, and avoid sickness by getting vaccinated and disinfecting your room.

Get Vaccinated

In general, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends “a yearly flu vaccine for everyone six months and older.” Studies have shown that this season’s flu vaccines are already reducing risk of illness by nearly 50 percent (source)! Getting a flu shot can help you combat common travel illnesses, including the “cruise flu.” In addition, the CDC recommends you visit your doctor four to six weeks before an international trip, as illness abroad is always changing. The CDC also publishes a Yellow Book every two years as a reference for health professionals providing care to international travelers, and it is a useful resource for anyone interested in staying healthy abroad.

Disinfect Your Hotel Room or Cruise Ship Cabin

Cruise ships travel worldwide, necessitating awareness of and responsiveness to local sickness. Hotel rooms aren’t much better, as dozens of strangers eat, sleep, and relax in them daily. Wiping down your room’s high-traffic surfaces isn’t enough – you should also thoroughly disinfect them.

To ensure that your room or cabin has been properly disinfected, use a product like SafeSpace Disinfectant Germ Fogger as soon as you arrive. Its hospital-grade formula can reduce your exposure to illness when used as directed and combined with hand washing. Plus, it can kill 99% of the germs responsible for colds and the flu. Most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to use, even when you’re on vacation. One satisfied customer, Michelle W. from Virginia, uses the product to stay healthy every time she travels: “I have a three-pack of germ foggers sent ahead to my hotel every time I travel. When I arrive, they are waiting for me at the front desk. I set one off, go grab dinner, and come back to a room I know is disinfected.”

Everything You Need for Traveling in One Place

If you’re wondering how to avoid getting sick while traveling, check out the SafeSpace Germ Fighter Kit. You’ll get everything you need to stay healthy on your next trip: hand sanitizers, disinfectant and deodorizing mists for your rental car, and disinfectant foggers for your hotel room. The SafeSpace Company is a family-owned small business proudly selling American-made germ foggers, auto germ and odor eliminators, and alcohol-free hand sanitizers to keep your family safe and healthy. For more information about how to avoid getting sick while traveling, contact us online or call us toll free at 1-800-735-2506.

Bon voyage!