Cleaning Your RV

With summer in full swing, many families are making plans to hit the road in their RV. Before you leave it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for a trip. In addition to checking its mechanics, spend a little time cleaning your RV so that its interior is fresh, safe, and healthy. A clean environment is essential if you want to enjoy your road trip in comfort and good health. After all, although your RV may have been sitting unused during the winter months, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t occupied. In your absence, dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens may have settled in. So before you set off on your next adventure, protect the health of your family and friends by cleaning your RV and evicting unwelcome germs and odors with these RV cleaning tips.

NOTE: When servicing and/or cleaning your RV, you should always refer to the RV and/or specific equipment manufacturer’s recommendations first so as not to invalidate warranties or cause damage. 

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your RV

Invite in the Breeze

Enclosed spaces often become musty and stale. To launch your cleaning crusade, open the windows of your RV to let fresh air circulate. This will improve the interior air quality and increase your comfort while you work.

Vacuum and Scrub Surfaces

Cleaning the interior of an RV is very similar to cleaning a house. You can start by vacuuming to capture any lingering dust and dirt. Then, using warm, soapy water or your preferred disinfecting cleaning product, scrub down all the hard surfaces within the vehicle. In addition to high traffic areas – countertops, windows, sinks, floors, etc. – remember to wipe out your cabinets, thoroughly clean all blinds and upholstery, and wipe your ceiling and walls to eliminate dust and cobwebs.

After properly dumping and flushing out your black water holding tank, flush a deodorizer additive (liquid or tablet) down the toilet to minimize odors. Finally, keep the bathroom ceiling vent fully closed when driving to prevent suction that could pull foul odors from the black water tank up through the toilet, sink, and shower drains into the RV.

Kill Germs Within Vents and Around the Driver’s Seat

Vents and air conditioning systems can quickly compromise interior air quality if they’re dirty. Within the air conditioner, clean the vents and the filter to keep the air that the unit circulates fresh and healthy. To clean serviceable, reusable dust screens and filters in a typical RV air conditioner unit, remove and vacuum (or lightly brush) the screens clean. In some instances, the screens can also be rinsed, but they must be completely dry before you reinstall them in the AC unit.

Next, vacuum the dashboard and wipe down the steering wheel, foot pedals, and other surfaces. After removing any pets or kids from the vehicle, reach for the SafeSpace Auto Germ & Odor Eliminator. This handy product produces an ultra-fine mist specifically designed for automobiles that leaves no spots, stains, or residue. Just a five-second spritz can kill 99% of germs and deodorize the space so that it smells fresh and clean. After shaking the can well, spray the product into the vents for one to two seconds so the mist can reach the germs living in the vent plenums. Then, spray the product directly on high traffic areas including the floor mats, steering wheel, drink holders, console, and door handles.

Finish with a Fogger

No matter how carefully you scrub and disinfect, a few stubborn germs will most likely be overlooked. In order to insure that all spots have been disinfected, a germ fogger can be used in your RV as the final step to your cleaning routine. The SafeSpace Disinfectant Germ Fogger quickly and efficiently eliminates 99% of the viruses that cause colds, the flu, infections like staph or MRSA, and other health problems. Plus, the Germ Fogger eliminates troublesome odors such as musty moldy smells, smoke, food and pet odors. Simply place the Germ Fogger in the center of your RV, click the actuator, let the fogger completely dispense, and return after an hour, and your RV will be disinfected and smell fresh and clean.


Whether you’re cleaning your RV, your car, your home, or your office, you can count on SafeSpace for quality products that will safeguard your health. Our Auto Odor & Germ Eliminator kills germs and deodorizes, leaving the interior of your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. And in addition to reducing the number of germs in your space, our original, EPA-approved Disinfectant Germ Fogger can also successfully eliminate pet, smoke, and food odors and prevent the formation of mold. To learn more, please visit the SafeSpace® website or give us a call at 1-800-735-2506.